Fact Sheet - SYSPRO Work in Progress (WIP) Software

Fact Sheet: Work in Progress (WIP) Software

SYSPRO Work in Progress Software enables you to minimize job costs through the efficient utilization of production resources.

Job Costing Software Solutions allow you to accurately control costs of work orders currently in progress by tracking the material, labor and resource utilization and activity of the manufacturing process, while managing the performance of the shop floor.

Some of the Key Benefits of using SYSPRO Work in Progress include:

  • Support mixed-mode manufacturing environments
  • Track and manage material and operational job costs
  • Allows jobs scheduling according to the production calendar
  • Automatically create jobs from Sales Orders, Quotations and MRP

“For me, SYSPRO has become critically important because it has enabled us to integrate job estimating with work-in-progess so that I can quickly and accurately formulate quotes on the computer system, based on actual costs incurred.”

-President, Harold Johnson Optical Laboratories, Inc.

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Work in Progress Software Fact Sheet