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In an industry where change is rapid, SYSPRO is able to keep pace with, and even move ahead of, technology developments.

This enables our customers in the SMB market to improve productivity and efficiency while maintaining their competitiveness. 

SYSPRO Technology offers unique solutions to the SMB market with the combination of a single code base and standard technology from Microsoft.

Some key features of SYSPRO Technology include:

    • Delivering integration capability to third-party applications before it becomes common

    • Empowering customers to tailor the user interface of their SYSPRO client software

    • Allowing customers to choose Microsoft Office as a user interface, cost effectively

    • Providing a model-based implementation approach that is appropriate for the SMB market.

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    We’re handling 30% more business with the same number of people. And, there’s every reason to believe that we can handle new business with the same high levels of efficiency, thanks to the integrated and scalable nature of our SYSPRO solution.” 

    Richard Cedrone, CEO, TriStar Plastics Corporation 

    Another point influencing our decision to go with SYSPRO is the software’s highly balanced functionality – it is flexible enough to handle a variety of manufacturing processes, but also offers equally strong capabilities on the financial and distribution sides.”
    - Jeff Hedquist Director of Information Technologies, US Salt

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