Payroll Interface Software for SYSPRO Fact Sheet

Fact Sheet: Payroll Interface for SYSPRO

Payroll Interface for SYSPRO facilitates the payment of employees in an external payroll system based on labor hours processed in SYSPRO, with subsequent updates to the Cash Book and General Ledger to ensure accurate financial reporting.

“SYSPRO software has enabled us to cut inventory levels in half.
With SYSPRO we have real-time information and know how much inventory we have at any one point in time"

CFO, Honest Tea

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Payroll Interface Software for SYSPRO Fact sheet

  • Interfaces with ABRA Payroll and Optimum Solutions

  • Eliminate duplication of effort 

  • Reduce data entry errors

  • Export labor hours for import into Payroll system 

  • Import payroll checks into the SYSPRO Cash Book module or directly into the General Ledger

Some of the key benefits for Payroll Interface Software for SYSPRO: