White Paper: Inventory Optimization for Better Supply Chain Management

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CFO, Honest Tea

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Download our Complimentary White Paper, Inventory Optimization for Better Supply Chain Management

White Paper: Inventory Optimization for Better Supply Chain Management

 Implementing Inventory Optimization For Your Enterprise' Success

Inventory takes many forms, ranging from raw materials to finished goods. While holding large amounts of inventory enables a company to be responsive to fluctuations in customer demand, there are associated costs. Inventory can therefore have conflicting priorities for different areas within the organization.

Inventory control is a key aspect of almost every manufacturing and/or distribution operation business. The ultimate success of these businesses is often dependent on their ability to provide customers with the right goods, at the right place, at the right time.

The role of inventory management is to coordinate the actions of all business segments so that the appropriate level of stock is maintained to satisfy customer demand. In order to do this, a process of optimization is required to allocate resources in the most effective way to satisfy competing requirements and goals.

Inventory optimization takes inventory management to the next level, providing a more dynamic and holistic approach which allows managers to assess various signals in the supply chain that may be relevant.

Inventory Optimization enables companies to address a number of key challenges:

  • Improve customer service levels and satisfaction
  • Provide visibility across the supply chain
  • Enhance a demand-driven approach for the company
  • Deliver greater profitability

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