SYSPRO Inventory Forecasting Software

Fact Sheet: Inventory Forecasting Software

Inventory Forecasting Software from SYSPRO enables you to produce automatic or manual forecasts based on sales history as well as provide the tools to measure the quality of your forecasts. It uses a set of mathematical algorithms to predict future sales based on historic demand and enables you to easily identify those products that contribute the most to your business in terms of sales value, gross profit, cost of sales, quantity sold or hits.

“SYSPRO has been very positive for us. It gave us a manufacturing system we never had before, which has allowed us to control costs better and manage our inventories better. Now, we only buy what we need to buy and make what we need to make.”

- Purchasing Manager, Gorant Chocolatier

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Inventory Management Software Fact Sheet

  • Set default algorithms at company, group of SKULocs or individual SKU-Loc levels

  • Set forecast horizon up to 24 months

  • Store three or more years of history and purge unwanted history

  • Review forecast accuracy to measure and improve the quality of forecast

Some of the Key Benefits of using SYSPRO Inventory Forecasting include: