The ERP Resellers Guide to selecting the right ERP Software Vendor
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The ERP Resellers Guide to selecting the right ERP Software Vendor

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As if a rocky economy hasn’t been difficult enough for ERP Resellers, mergers and acquisitions are now making a comeback. When Software vendors go on the merger and acquisition rampage the aftermath can be detrimental for ERP Resellers. A large body of unpredictability is created when a software vendor is bought or sold as a result of changes in management, strategy and product direction. What assurances does the Reseller of that product have that their business will sustain the impact of the changing environment? How does an acquisition affect their ability to succeed?

The real differential is in the strategy, culture, relationship and track record of your selected ERP software vendor. As we emerge from one of the most difficult economic scenarios in generations, the partnerships you keep are more important than ever. Your financial success depends on them! With the right balance of product and support, there is now a clear path to a long-term sustainable business.

With that in mind, I’d like to share 10 important factors to consider when selecting an ERP Software Vendor.

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