White Paper: e-Learning for the Net and Millennial Generations

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“SYSPRO software has enabled us to cut inventory levels in half.

With SYSPRO we have real-time information and know how much inventory we have at any one point in time"
CFO, Honest Tea

and 50% respectively.”

Download our Complimentary White Paper, e-Learning

White Paper: e-Learning

e-Learning for the Net and Millennial Generations

By building E-learning courses that appeal to Gen Y and Gen Z’s learning styles and preferences, and adapting traditional teaching methods, we can make significant progress in improving the learner experience, get through the material quicker, encourage the retention of relevant information for longer and promote ownership and accountability in learning.

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e-Learning provides new users foundation for learning about SYSPRO ERP by:

    • Matching your teaching methods to your audience’s learning style

    • Optimizing for Internet (or network) delivery

    • Providing instant real-time feedback

    • Keeping it relevant and to-the-point

    • Using Social Media platforms to collaborate

    • Providing point-of-need learning